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aXe2web Visualization Tool


The program aXe2web provides a quick-look facility for slitless spectral data reduced with aXe. To facilitate examination of hundreds to thousands of spectra, axe2web produces a series of webpages that display the main results of the reduced data. With any web-browser the webpages can then be viewed to identify interesting objects or to reveal flaws in the data reduction. Examples of the webpage visualizations are linked at the bottom of this page.

Software Access

aXe2web is completely implemented in python. The installation uses the python standard module disutil. The latest version of aXe2web can be downloaded here: aXe2web-1.3.tar.gz. Important notes about the installation are given in the README file bundled there.


Detailed Documentation

Detailed documentation is bundled in the above tar file, and can be found in the subdirectory aXe2html/doc/aXe2web_help.html The html-formatted help page can also be viewed here. A higher-level overview follows below.

Overview Documentation

For each detected object aXe2web produces a table row giving the reference number, magnitude in the magnitude system of the direct object, the (x,y) image coordinate of the direct object, its RA and Dec, a cut-out image showing the direct object, the spectral stamp image showing the 2D spectrum, a 1D extracted spectrum in counts and the same in calibrated flux units. To facilitate the navigation within a data set, overview and index pages accompany the detailed object pages. The index page includes a table with the ordered reference number of all objects. Direct links from both the overview page and the index page take you to the corresponding locations of the objects in the object pages.

The details of the html summary produced by aXe2web are controlled by a set of about 20 keywords or settings, which influence the presentation of the objects in various ways. There exist, for example, keywords/settings to:

A list of all settings can be found in the detailed documentation above.

Examples of visualizations created by aXe2web

In both examples the flagging of contaminated data points with blue symbols alerts the viewer to consider these pixels with caution.