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aXe is PyRAF/IRAF software which is comprised of several tasks and is distributed as a subpackage of the Space Telescope Data Analysis System (STSDAS) under analysis.slitless.axe. New releases of STSDAS become available approximately twice a year. More frequent updates and bug fixes are available in IRAFX, the development version of STSDAS, which is released weekly. Download and installation information for the STSDAS package can be found at STSDAS Home, and for IRAFX at

Updates Being Tested in IRAFX

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Version Date Release Summary
aXe-2.X 2013-03-28 STScI: iolprep bug fix implemented
aXe-2.X 2013-03-07 STScI: Updates for Astrodrizzle in iolprep and fcubeprep

Official Releases through STSDAS

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Version Date Release Summary
aXe-2.3 2011-08-23 ST-ECF: replacement of IRAF calls with equivalent Python, PyFITS, and numpy procedures; bug fixes
aXe-2.1 2010-07-15 ST-ECF: optimized and tested for WFC3 grism data

Detailed Release Notes