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Journal Clubs and Research Groups

Journal Club Calendars

  • Compact Objects Discussion Group

    Accreting Compact Objects Discussion Group Coordinator: Andy Fruchter
    Time: Some Fridays at 1pm
    Location: Cafecon
  • Active Galaxies (AGN) Research Group

    Active Galaxies (AGN) Research Group Coordinator:Eileen Meyer and Norman Grogin
    Time: Biweekly, Fridays at 2pm
    Location: Cafecon

    Exoplanets & High Contrast Imaging Research Group

    Exoplanets & High Contrast Imaging Research Group Coordinator: Marshall Perrin & Remi Soummer
    Time: Weekly, Fridays 10 am
    Location: N310
  • Galaxy Journal Club

    Galaxy Formation Research Group Coordinators: Greg Snyder, Erik Tollerud, and Molly Peeples
    Time: Weekly, Fridays at 12n
    Location: Cafecon
  • Star and Planet Formation

    Star and Planet Formation Coordinator: Andrea Banzatti, John Debes, and Laurent Pueyo
    Time: Fridays at 11am
    Location: Bahcall Auditorium
  • Science Coffee

    Science Coffee Coordinators: Mia Bovill and Olivia Jones
    Time: Wednesdays and Fridays at 10:30am
    Location: Library
  • Rotunda Science Lunch

    Rotunda Science Lunch Coordinators: Mario Gennaro and Elena Sabbi
    Time:Thursdays, 12:30-1:00pm
    Location: CR RW333