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The presence of water and other volatiles is critical to life as we know it, yet the origin and abundance of water on Earth remains an exciting and hotly debated question. With the rapidly increasing knowledge on protoplanetary disk evolution and the hierarchy of exoplanetary systems, the importance of possible pathways for delivering volatiles to warm rocky planets is becoming more important than ever.

This workshop discussed the origins and abundance of volatiles on Earth and other rocky planets in the Solar System and explored their implications on the formation and habitability of exoplanetary systems. An important element of the meeting was to discuss how to best utilize JWST and other upcoming facilities to explore the origins and distribution of volatiles in the Solar System and in protoplanetary disks.

The workshop brought together planetary scientists, cosmo- and geochemists and astronomers to discuss various facets of this interdisciplinary question. In particular, talks covered the water/volatile budget of Earth, observations and models relevant to the delivery of volatiles, observations of volatiles/ices/organics in protoplanetary disks, model predictions for the volatile budgets of exoplanets, and the astrobiological significance of volatile elements.

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