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Event Description

Monday, February 11th – Thursday, February 14th, 2019

The Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) will obtain precise, high-cadence, time-series photometry of at least 85% of the sky enabling exciting discoveries about exoplanets, stars, and the transient universe. Public release of the first four sectors is expected in January 2019. This workshop will kickstart community analysis by describing characteristics of TESS data, resources at NASA archives, and relevant community software. Experts in these areas will present their tools and techniques for working with TESS data. Special topics of this workshop will include innovative algorithms, mitigating data anomalies, lessons learned from similar time-series data, and combining TESS data with data from other observatories. New science results based on the TESS data will be presented at the TESS Science Conference at MIT later in 2019.

We expect this data workshop to have approximately 60 participants. The format will consist of talks, tutorials, discussion, posters, and a sprint day. Attendees are invited to lead tutorials that demonstrate their publicly available software. The workshop will include a sprint day where participants can explore TESS data and tools in the context of a few shared projects. Relevant software will be installed in a common computing environment readily available to all participants.

The conference will run from 9am to 5pm on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and from 9am to 1pm on Thursday.

Scientific Organizing Committee:

Confirmed Speakers

To register for the TESS DATA Workshop click on this link:

To present a contributed talk, a poster or a software tutorial please email the title and abstract to by December 12, 2018 for consideration. All questions regarding the workshop may also be sent to the same email address.

Hotel Accommodations:

A block of rooms, at a reduced rate, have been reserved at the Doubletree Inn at the Colonnade. To register click on the link below and use the group Code also shown below. This special room rate will expire on January 12, 2019

Your Hilton Link is:

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Event Schedule

See this BOX folder for the presentations given during the workshop.

See this Github Repository for the Tutorials presented during the workshop.

Visit to view the webcast of the presentations.

Download Agenda

Schedule Speaker Titles
8:50 AM Ken or Nancy Welcome
9:05 AM Ricker TESS Mission Overview
9:35 AM Vanderspek "Oh, the things you'll see!": A Journey through TESS Data
10:35 AM Smith The SPOC Pipeline Data Products, Performance and You
11:05 AM Sha Photometric performance of the MIT Quick Look Pipeline for TESS full frame data
11:20 AM Fleming MAST Tools for TESS
11:40 AM Christiansen ExoFOP-TESS: Tools and data
12:00 PM LUNCH
1:00 PM Dragomir The TESS-Spitzer Synergy
1:30 PM Giles I Found a Monotransit, What Next?!
2:00 PM Ansdell Using Deep Learning for Automatic Classification of Exoplanet Transits
2:15 PM Barry Machine Learned Classification of GPU-extracted TESS FFI Lightcurves
2:30 PM DMD Software Platform for Tutorials
3:15 PM Hedges, Barentsen, Foreman-Mackey Auditorium: lightkurve, BLS, exoplanet 
3:15 PM Brasseur,Feinstein, Luger  Café Con: Tesscut, eleanor, starry
8:50 AM Lund TESS Data for Asteroseismology
9:20 AM Roy NEID + TESS
9:50 AM Poster Talks
10:40 AM Bouma Homogeneous Light Curves for Stars in Clusters
11:10 AM Guerrero Catalog of TESS Objects of Interest for Sectors 1-4 of the TESS Mission
11:25 AM Wilson The Effects of Unresolved Contaminant Stars on the Cross-Matching of Photometric Catalogues
11:40 AM Guenther allesfitter: a global inference framework for photometry and radial velocity
11:55 AM Group Photo
12:05 AM LUNCH
1:00 PM Hedges, Barentsen, Foreman-Mackey Café Con: lightkurve, BLS, exoplanet 
1:00 PM Brasseur,Feinstein, Luger  Auditorium: Tesscut, eleanor, starry
3:30 PM White Combining interferometry and asteroseismology in the era of TESS
4:00 PM Piotto “CHEOPS, the ESA CHaracterizing ExOPlanet Satellite: synergies with TESS”
4:30 PM 3 small groups Breakout Session
5:15 PM Beer and Pretzel Night
9:00 AM Propose Sprints/Hacks
9:45 AM Hack
11:45 AM Regroup
12:15 PM LUNCH
1:15 PM Hack Sprint
3:00 PM Colloquium - Ricker
4:00 PM Hack more
9:00 AM Report Back on Hacks
10:30 AM Bedell Stellar Insights from Gaia, Kepler, and TESS
11:00 AM Schnittman Black Holes and Neutron Stars with Main Sequence Binary Companions
11:15 AM Cieplak Self-Lensing Binary lightcurve modeling and false positive rejections
11:30 AM Shporer Orbital phase curves in TESS data - scientific potential and data analysis challenges.
11:45 AM Last Minute Lightening Talks
12:00 PM LUNCH

Group Photo