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Enhancing the Legacy of HST Spectroscopy

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About The Workshop

The Enhancing the Legacy of HST Spectroscopy workshop will take place November 15-16, 2012 at the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore, Maryland. The the workshop will bring together the community of astronomers involved in HST medium- and high-resolution spectroscopy (with special emphasis on the active instruments) in order to investigate how HST's impact on current and future research can be optimized -- including both direct and archival investigations.

The organization of the workshop is still ongoing, but the agenda will most likely include:

  • Current status of spectroscopic observations and data handling
    • Overview of the HST spectroscopic science program
    • Telescope and instrument status
    • Pipeline data processing
    • Archive and HLA interfaces
  • Optimizing the utilization of spectroscopic data: the community view
    • Enhancements in pipeline processing
    • Analysis tools
    • Improving data discovery
  • Future HST observations
    • Completing the HST UV/optical spectroscopic legacy
  • Demos and hands-on experience

Additional Information

Hotel Discount Deadline

Participants can reserve a room at the Doubletree Inn at the Colonnade, a hotel within walking distance of the Institute, by contacting the hotel directly at 410-554-7569. Please do not forget to mention that you are attending the Spectroscopy Workshop and that you should receive the Institute rate of $149/night.


A optional reception (with cash bar) for the workshop will be held November 15, 2012 at Cafe Azafran in the STScI Muller Building. To attend the reception, please select the Reception option when registering and specify the number of persons who will be attending. The cost of the reception is $27/person.

Workshop Presentations

The workshop is soliciting abstracts for talks and posters. To submit a talk or poster abstract, fill out the form presented to you at the end of registration process, or log into your reservation (click the View Registration link on the left side of the page) and submit abstracts through your reservation.

The workshop is also soliciting software demonstrations to occur during the workshop. If you would like to present a demonstration or a hands-on trial of software or data analysis tools, please submit a description of your presentation via the Software/Analysis Tool Demonstration abstract form. We will contact you with more information on presenting at the workshop.

Confirmed Speakers

Tom Ayres Nicolas Lehner
Stefi Baum Danny Lennon
Ken Carpenter Cristina Oliveira
Jane Charlton Steve Osterman
Kathy Flanagan Bradley Peterson
Patrick Godon Charles Proffitt
Carol Grady Lee Quick
Michael Gregg Aki Roberge
Bob Hanisch Ken Sembach
Edward Jenkins Edward Sion
Mary Beth Kaiser Letizia Stanghellini
Brian Keeney Jason Tumlinson
Adam Kowalski

Scientific Organizing Committee

  • Alessandra Aloisi (Space Telescope Science Institute, chair)
  • Stefano Casertano (Space Telescope Science Institute, co-chair)
  • Stefi Baum (Rochester Institute of Technology)
  • Ken Carpenter (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center)
  • Alex Fullerton (Space Telescope Science Institute)
  • Jim Green (University of Colorado)
  • Tim Heckman (John Hopkins University)
  • Mary Beth Kaiser (John Hopkins University)
  • Claus Leitherer (Space Telescope Science Institute)
  • Cristina Oliveira (Space Telescope Science Institute)
  • Steve Penton (Space Telescope Science Institute)
  • Ruth Peterson (University of California, Santa Cruz)
  • Aki Roberge (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center)
  • Myron Smith (Space Telescope Science Institute)
  • Jason Tumlinson (Space Telescope Science Institute)
  • Ana-Maria Valenzuela (STScI Event Coordinator)