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Science with Precision Astrometry

Event Description

Precision astrometry is providing many advances in our understanding of the physics of the local universe. These advances will expand as the HST time baseline increases, the Gaia DR2 catalog is released, JWST is launched and new ground-based facilities come on-line. The proposed workshop will address the state of our current and near-future facilities, the techniques that are needed to achieve precision astrometry, science results and the future landscape.

Event Details

Event Dates: Tuesday, March 13 - Thursday, March 15, 2018

Abstract Submission Deadline for Talks and Poster: February 1, 2018

Registration Deadline: February 13, 2018

Registration Fee: $150.00

Registration Link: Click Here

Confirmed Speakers:

Warren Brown Harvard
Stefano Casertano STScI
Dana Casetti SCSU
David Hobbs Lund
Nitya Kallivayalil Virginia
Jessica Lu Berkeley
Davide Massari Groningen
Barbara McArthur UT Austin
Elena Pancino INAF
Adam Riess STScI/JHU
Robyn Sanderson Caltech
Anna Lisa Varri Edinburgh


Co-Chairs: Andrea Bellini and Laura Watkins


STScI has reserved a block of rooms at the Doubletree Inn at the Colonnade, a hotel within walking distance of the Institute. You may register online at Science with Precision Astrometry Workshop or you can call the Colonnade directly at 410-235-5400.