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STScI Mini-Workshop: Massive Galaxies over Cosmic Time

27-29 September, 2004

The goal of this mini-workshop was to consider the census, origin, and evolution of the most massive galaxies in stellar mass from early times to the present. There are three broad questions we wished to address:

  1. Is there a "massive galaxies" problem at all? We would like to consider this at high or low redshift, and based on straight observations or comparisons with reasonable theoretical predictions.
  2. What is the nature of "red sequence" galaxies at high and low redshift?
  3. What is the relation, if any, between very dusty (star-forming) and very massive galaxies?

The dates of the workshop were September 27, 28, and the first half of the 29th. By the nature of the mini-workshop, the participation was limited to approximately 40-50 people, drawing on both observational and theoretical expertise.


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