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A Decade of Extrasolar Planets around Normal Stars

The 2005 May Symposium at the Space Telescope Science Institute was titled: A Decade of Extrasolar Planets around Normal Stars. The Symposium took place May 02 - 05, 2005, with a reception on May 01, 2005.

The symposium covered a variety of topics related to the formation, evolution, and detection of extrasolar planetary systems and their properties. The program was composed primarily of invited talks.

Invited Speakers:

Eric Agol
Phil Armitage
David Bennett
William Borucki
Alan Boss
Bob Brown
Tim Brown
Adam Burrows
Nuria Calvet
Richard Durisen
Lynne Hillenbrand
Olenka Hubickyj
Hal Levison
Doug Lin
Jack Lissauer

Renu Malhotra
Geoff Marcy
Jaymie Matthews
Michel Mayor
Michael Meyer
Norman Murray
Joan Najita
Frederic Pont
James Pringle
Neill Reid
Jeremy Richardson
Reem Sari
Dimitar Sasselov
Sara Seager
Jeff Valenti

Organizing Committee:

Bob Brown
Ron Gilliland
Mario Livio (Chair)
Steve Lubow
Keith Noll
Peter McCullough
Neill Reid
Massimo Robberto
Kailash Sahu
Dave Soderblom
Bill Sparks
Jeff Valenti