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March 25-27, 1996

Day 1 -- Star-formation Properties/Histories

What do we learn from detailed studies of stellar populations such as are possible for nearby dwarfs? What are their star formation histories? How does this relate to galaxy populations at higher redshift? What, if anything, do we know about the star formation histories of galaxies at high-z? Do low mass and high mass galaxies evolve differently? Can we find a population of galaxies at low redshift which might correspond to a higher redshift population, i.e. the faint blue galaxies?

Invited Reviewer (Session Chair)
Star-Forming Histories of the Nearest Dwarf Galaxies
T. Smecker-Hane (H. Ferguson)
Star-Forming History of Local Dwarf Irregulars
E. Skillman (E. Tolstoy)
Star-Forming Histories Based on Deep Redshift Surveys
S. Lilly (K. Ratnatunga)
The Formation of Dwarf Galaxies
D. Lin (T. Heckman)
Day 2 -- Dynamics, ISM, other physical processes

What are the physical and dynamical properties of dwarf galaxies, and how do they affect their evolution? What is the dark matter content of dwarfs, and how does the dark matter impact its evolution? What are the energetics of the ISM? How consistent are the observed processes with metal enrichment? What roles do bursts of star formation have in the evolution of dwarf galaxies? How much gas can actually be expelled in an active burst of star formation?

The Kinematics of Dwarf Spheroidals
E. Olszewski (E. Tolstoy)
Star Formation in Irregular Galaxies: Current Knowledge and Unanswered Questions
D. Hunter (G. Meurer)
Age Distributions; Dwarfs & The Galactic Halo
M. Mateo (H. Ferguson)
The Role of Feedback and Dark Matter on the Evolution of Dwarf Galaxies
A. Ferrara (G. Meurer)
Day 3 -- Low-luminosity galaxies - do they matter?

We open the discussion wide and consider the role of dwarf galaxies in "the big picture." What is the overall significance (or lack thereof) of low luminosity galaxies at all redshifts? What fraction of the mass in the universe is made up of dwarf galaxies? As a function of redshift? As a function of environment? How much gas? Starlight? Metals? What happened to the high-z faint blue galaxies?

Are Faint Blue Galaxies Really Dwarfs?
D. Koo (A. Szalay)
Low Surface Brightness Spiral Galaxies
S. McGaugh (S. Casertano)
Blue Compact Dwarfs & their Evolutionary Status
J. Salzer (T. Heckman)
Panel Discussion
TBD (K. Ratnatunga)

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