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Scientific Purpose and Goals

The James Webb Space Telescope General Observer science program will provide research opportunities and support for thousands of astronomers. As part of informing the community of this upcoming opportunity, we organized a Webb science conference at The Space Telescope Science Institute during June 6-8 2011.

During the conference, approximately 15-20 speakers were invited by the Science Organizing Committee to discuss high-risk, high reward science programs with the Webb. These invited talks were intended to inspire thought and discussion among potential proposers for Webb observations. The program also included a half day of presentations from the science instrument Principal Investigators on the status and capability of their instruments, and a limited number of contributed talks and poster presentations.

The archive webcast of conference talks can be accessed from our Webcasting Site.

Scientific Organizing Committee

Late Breaking News (May 9th, 2011)

STScI is pleased to announce the release of JWST prototype Exposure Time Calculators (ETCs) to support the "Frontier Science Opportunities with JWST" meeting. The ETCs include support for all four JWST Science Instruments, including several imaging and spectroscopic modes. You can find the ETCs at