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The Goal of the Meeting

This meeting, hosted by STScI and NASA/GSFC and sponsored by Northrop Grumman, engaged the broad science community in a discussion of science enabled by JWST and concurrent orbital and ground-based facilities. It described and stimulated work on the theoretical foundations for astrophysics in the next decade. Presentations that we have recieved may be downloaded through the 'Talks/Presentations' navigation link.

During 2008, we will produce a reviewed and edited book containing a compilation of the talks and synopses of the discussion periods. We plan that this book will be written in a graduate level pedagogical fashion to yield a reference text of lasting value for astronomers who will be developing investigations for the JWST and other concurrent facilites.

Science Organizing Committee

Crystal BroganNRAO
Dale CruikshankNASA/ARC
Ewine van DishoeckUniv. Leiden
Alan Dressler (chair)Carnegie Obs.
Richard EllisCaltech
Rob KennicuttCambridge Univ.
Rolf KudritzkiUniv. Hawaii
Avi LoebHarvard
John MatherNASA/HQ
Yvonne PendletonNASA/HQ
Massimo Stiavelli (JWST SWG liason)STScI
Peter Stockman (LOC liason)STScI
Leonardo TestiIstituto Nazionale di Astrofisica (Arceti)
Xander TielensNASA/ARC
Meg UrryYale
Jeff ValentiSTScI

Local Organizing Committee

Jonathan GardnerNASA/GSFC
Matt GreenhouseNASA/GSFC
Heidi HammelSpace Science Institute
John MatherNASA/GSFC
Neill ReidSTScI
Massimo StiavelliSTScI
Peter StockmanSTScI
Harley ThronsonNASA/GSFC