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May 9-12, 1995

Welcome to the WWW homepage for the Spring 1995 meeting entitled The Collision of Comet P/Shoemaker-Levy 9 and Jupiter hosted by the Space Telescope Science Institute and The Johns Hopkins University. The meeting dates are 9-12 May 1995 in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. This meeting is also sponsored by the IAU as IAU Colloquium 156.

We will use this WWW page to provide participants with information on the meeting and late-breaking news.


Since our facilities cannot accomodate more than 325 people, attendance at this meeting is by invitation only. You can request an invitation by contacting Cheryl Schmidt. The registration fee is $120 if received before 1 April 1995 and is $140 if received after that date.


Here is the official meeting announcement in ASCII format.


Here is the official meeting program in ASCII format.

Invited Talks

The mornings will be devoted to invited talks, and here are the abstracts for these special presentations. The invited talks will appear in a book published by Cambridge University Press (CUP). This book is part of a continuing series produced every year by the Space Telescope Science Institute. The series editor is Michael Fall of the STScI. The chief editor for the SL9 book is Keith Noll, and the co-editors are Paul Feldman and Hal Weaver. We will attempt to have the book on the street by early 1996. Meeting participants may be entitled to a discount on the price of the book from CUP, but we're not yet sure about that.

Contributed Papers

Contributed papers will be displayed as posters at the meeting. The poster session Table of Contents can be found here in ASCII format. (The ASCII/HTML version is simply the LaTex file used to produce the Postscript version of the Table of Contents.)

Poster space dimensions are 24 inches horizontally (61 cm) by 64 inches (163 cm) vertically. Posters can remain on display for the entire meeting. We ask that you remove your poster by 3:00 pm on Friday, May 12; posters not removed by this time will be discarded.

We will distribute a book of abstracts to participants at the meeting. Look here for the on-line version of the abstracts in ASCII format. (Again, the ASCII/HTML version is simply the LaTex file used to produce the Postscript version of the abstracts.)

Both the abstract book and the poster session itself are organized according to the surname (last name) of the first author. Thus, the page number listed in the Table of Contents is also the display number assigned to your poster.

We will be able to display some LATE abstracts. If you want to display a late abstract, please send your abstract electronically to Hal Weaver who will assign it a number (assuming that we still have room at the time of submission).

Special Issue of ICARUS

Authors of contributed papers are encouraged to submit suitably prepared versions of their papers for possible publication in a special issue of Icarus. The deadline for submission of papers to Icarus has been tentatively set for August 1st, 1995, so that publication of the results can be achieved in a timely fashion.


There will be workshops on a variety of topics in the afternoons. Look here for workshop information. We hope that all meeting attendees will participate in at least a few of these workshops. There will be no parallel sessions, so you can participate in as many workshops as you wish.


Here are the members of the Scientific Organizing Committee for IAU Colloquium 156. Questions and comments regarding the scientific program should be addressed to the Chair, Mike A'Hearn.


Here are the members of the Local Organizing Committee for IAU Colloquium 156. The Chair is Alex Storrs but general questions regarding the local arrangements should usually be addressed to Cheryl Schmidt.


Here is our current list of registrants for the meeting. The registration deadline is May 1st. If you think that you have registered but your name is not on this list, then you should contact Cheryl Schmidt immediately.

UMD SL9 News

Since 1993 the University of Maryland at College Park has operated an electronic news service in support of the SL9-Jupiter observing campaign. A wealth of information about the impacts can be obtained from the UMD SL9 Homepage.

ESO SL9 Workshop

A European workshop on the SL9-Jupiter campaign was held 13-15 February 1995 in Garching, Germany. If you are interested in finding out more about this meeting, you can connect to the ESO Homepage.