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October 22nd-25th, 2006
Space Telescope Science Institute
Baltimore, MD. USA

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This workshop continues a regular series started in October 1997 at Oxnard and continued in San Francisco (2000) and Houston (2002). In 2004 the workshop became an international event in Darmstadt, Germany. The fifth workshop will be the first held on the East Coast of the USA and is focused on the challenges facing the Planning and Scheduling community in meeting the wide range of needs of space based applications.

From Software to Space Science

Planning and Scheduling (P&S) technologies add value to space missions by reducing costs, increasing return, and enabling new types of science. Space applications are strong candidates for applying P&S technologies, as they require complex activities with high costs and high science value to be planned in harsh and often remote environments. While P&S technologies continue to evolve and have met with some success, there is ample room for increasing the impact of these technologies on space applications. The goal of this workshop is to understand how we can improve our ability to go from research results in computer science to fielded space science applications.

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Program Committee:

Ella Atkins (U of Maryland)
Alice Berman (Johns Hopkins U, FUSE)
Daniel Borrajo (U Carlos III de Madrid)
Alessandro Donati (ESA/ESOC)
Maria Fox (U of Strathclyde, UK)
Mark Giuliano (STScI)
Mark Johnston (JPL)
Deepak Khemani (IIT Chennai)
Laurence Kramer (CMU)
David Kortenkamp (TRACLabs Inc. at NASA JSC)
Angelo Oddi (ISTC-CNR)
Marcelo Oglietti (CONAE, Argentine Space Agency)
David E. Smith (Ames Research Center)
Gerard Verfaillie (ONERA)
Toby Walsh (NICTA, UNSW)
Terri Wood (NASA/GSFC)