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7-9 March, 2005

Image credit: Robert Gendler
M82 - Optical

The main topic of the miniworkshop is the interplay between galaxies and the surrounding intergalactic medium (IGM). The primary emphasiswill be to review and discuss the observational evidence for chemical,mechanical, and radiative flows in and out of galaxies in the low-redshift Universe. Additional discussions will compare this evidence to related processes in the high redshift Universe and to predictions of theoretical and numerical models. Agenda topics relating to the two-way exchanges of matter and energy between galaxies and their environments include:

M82- Xray
  1. The Physics of Starburst and AGN Feedback
  2. Gas, Energy, and Photon Flows In and Out of Galaxies
  3. The Baryonic and Energy Content of Galaxy Haloes and Groups
  4. The Role of Environmental Effects (Tidal Interactions, Ram Pressure Stripping, etc.)

Ample time will be devoted to both current issues and future prospects for further progress in this field.

Program, abstracts, and list of participants are available as a PDF file.

Invited Speakers:
Mitch Begelman
David Bowen
Megan Donahue
Tim Heckman
John Hibbard
Guinevere Kauffmann
Rob Kennicutt
Crystal Martin
Bill Mathews
Mary Putman
Ken Sembach
David Strickland
Todd Tripp

Organizing Committee:
Daniela Calzetti (Chair)
Tim Heckman
Sandra Savaglio
Ken Sembach

M82- Optical: Robert Gendler; M82- Xray: NASA/CXC/SAO/PSU/CMU