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Optical/near-IR integral field (or 3D) spectroscopy is now a well developed field, with integral field units (IFUs) being operated on a large number of ground- and space-based telescopes. With IFUs integrated into JWST’s main instruments, and a range of IFUs being planned for next-generation ELTs (GMT, TMT, E-ELT), we are now in the era of IFUs. The time is therefore ripe to review the current science being done with integral field spectrographs, and how IFU-based science from future observatories will transform our understanding of many features of our solar system, star formation, galaxy evolution, and cosmology.

This workshop will be held at STScI between 26-28th October 2010, with the aim of bringing together researchers from around the world to foster the sharing of knowledge and experience regarding the field of IFS. This is critical for stimulating scientifically productive and inventive uses of these complex and versatile instruments, and for bettering our understanding of how to analyse the often overwhelming complexity of data they produce. This will be the first international meeting concentrating on IFU-based science to be held in the USA, and follows a series of similar workshops that have been held in Europe over the last few years.

The major goals of this workshop are threefold: (1) to highlight the current science being done with integral field spectrographs on large ground-based (Keck, VLT, etc.) and space- based (Herschel) telescopes; (2) explore the capabilities of the JWST MIRI and NIRSpec IFUs, and their synergies with those planned for current and future ground- and space- based telescopes; and (3) review the powerful and innovative techniques used to analyse IFU data cubes to maximise the useful information available and visualise/present results.

Confirmed invited speakers:

Registration Information - REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED

Participation in the workshop is open to all, but we expect ~50 participants. Please indicate when you register whether you wish to be considered for a contributed talk or present a poster.

Registration opens: 11th June 2010

Conference registration and abstract submission deadline: 27th

August 2010

Registration fee on or before 27th August: $200

Registration fee after 27th August: $250

We have held a block of rooms at a reduced rate at The Inn at the Colonnade hotel for workshop participants. Click on the link to reserve a room.

We also have an additional block of rooms available at: The Radisson at Cross Keys 5100 Falls Road 1-866-757-0610 or 410-532-6900 To receive the special rate, mention the IFUS Workshop. The Radisson is located approximately 2.5 miles from STScI, shuttle service is available.