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Hubble's 25th Anniversary Symposium

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Symposium Date/Location

April 20-23, 2015
Space Telescope Science Institute · Baltimore, MD

Scientific Rationale

With an eye towards the future, this symposium will celebrate the extraordinary impact that the Hubble Space Telescope has had on science, culture, and society. The symposium will have three main goals:

  • Focus on and craft Hubble's scientific legacy through 2020, highlighting synergies with other missions.
  • Delineate and inspire the scientific overlap between Hubble and the James Webb Space Telescope.
  • Pave the way for the WFIRST/AFTA telescope and for the next generation of large optical/UV telescopes in space.

Because of its versatility, the Hubble Observatory has made seminal contributions to almost every branch of astronomy. The scientific program of this symposium will showcase the broad variety of scientific topics where Hubble has made breakthroughs, from the studies of our own solar system, to the detailed observations of extrasolar planets, to the census of stellar populations in nearby galaxies, to the deepest views of the distant Universe.

The symposium will last 3.5 days, from Monday, April 20, to Thursday, April 23. It will include a combination of Invited Talks (25m), Contributed Talks (10m) and Posters. Emphasis will be given to recent and new Hubble results.

Space permitting, Symposium talks are open to faculty and staff from all local (Maryland and Washington, DC) institutions without registering. Seating is not guaranteed without registration. Please note, name badges are required for participation in morning and afternoon breaks, lunches, and the dinner scheduled for April 23, 2015. Unregistered attendees are asked to refrain from sampling refreshments.

If you have any questions concerning the symposium, please contact Martha Devaud (Event Coordinator) at

Thursday, April 23, Afternoon & Evening

In the afternoon of Thursday, April 23 (2-5pm), we are planning a Hubble 25th celebratory event which will include the 25th Anniversary Bahcall Lecture to be given by Prof. Robert Kirshner (Harvard Smithsonian CfA). It will also include participation of key individuals - including astronomers, engineers, administrators and astronauts - who have played a major role in the design, construction, launch and in-orbit repair of the Hubble Space Telescope. The evening will conclude with the symposium dinner, to be held at the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore ( Symposium participants are invited to attend the afternoon event and the dinner, so please take these events into consideration when making your final travel plans.

Important Dates

October 15 Pre-registration opens
December 1 Abstract Submission Deadline
January 30 Notification of acceptance to attend the conference, and approval to register and pay
March 1 Registration Opens for all - Payments Accepted
March 22 Registration Closed