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Gas Flows in Galaxies

2012 STScI May Symposium:
Gas Flows in Galaxies: May 7-10, 2012

The flows of gas into galaxies, and from them back to their environments, have assumed increasing importance at the frontier of galaxy formation studies. The purpose of our Symposium is to bring together the multi-wavelength communities that study the gas flows into, within, and out of galaxies, and which drive their evolution. The scientific sessions of the meeting will address the following key questions:

These and other questions will be addressed by a set of invited talks. We also invite contributions in the forms of talks and posters via this website. Only a limited number of contributed talks are available.

Conference Fees
Student Fee:$250
Early Registration (before March 1):$300
Regular Registration:$350
Conference Banquet:$60
Registration Dates
Meeting Dates:May 7—10, 2012
Registration Ends:April 27, 2012
Abstracts Due:February 29, 2012

STScI has reserved a block of rooms at the Doubletree in at the Colonnade, a hotel within walking distance from the institute. For a special conference rate at the Colonnade register online or call them and say you are registering for the MaySymposium (group code MSG).

To register as a student for the May Symposium, please contact Samantha Pryce for the student code. For this, or any other questions, please contact the workshop coordinator, Samantha Pryce. Her phone number is 410-338-4970.

Invited Speakers

  • Leo Blitz
  • Alberto Bolatto
  • Joel Bregman
  • Alyson Brooks
  • Hsiao-Wen Chen
  • Francoise Combes
  • T. J. Cox
  • Clare Dobbs
  • Megan Donahue
  • Sara Ellison
  • Ken Freeman
  • Reinhard Genzel
  • Jenny Greene
  • Tim Heckman
  • Christopher Howk
  • Guinevere Kauffmann
  • Mark Krumholz
  • Crystal Martin
  • Brian McNamara
  • Brice Menard
  • Norman Murray
  • Ben Oppenheimer
  • Xavier Prochaska
  • Daniel Proga
  • Mary Putman
  • Marc Sarzi
  • Joop Schaye
  • Alice Shapley
  • Mike Shull
  • Rob Simcoe
  • Greg Stinson
  • Sylvain Veilleux
  • Mark Vogelsberger
  • David Weinberg

Scientific Organizing Committee

  • Jason Tumlinson (chair)
  • Andrew Fox (co-chair)
  • Ron Allen
  • Alessandra Aloisi
  • Michael Fall
  • Timothy Heckman
  • Margaret Meixner
  • Brice Menard
  • Julia Roman-Duval
  • Kenneth Sembach
  • Christopher Thom