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March 08-11, 2011

This year we begin the third decade of the Hubble Fellowship Program, now expanded to include all present and future missions in NASA's Cosmic Origins theme. For virtually all of its existence, the HF Program has been and remains one of the leading fellowship programs in the field of astronomy and astrophysics. More than 220 of the most prominent and active scientists in this field have been supported at a crucial phase in their careers by this program. The Hubble Fellowship Program continues to be one of the highlights of NASA's pursuit of excellence in space science. Each year, the current (~45) Hubble Fellows convene for a three-day Symposium to present the results of their recent research and to meet face-to-face with other Hubble Fellows and with the scientific and administrative staff who manage the program.

The NASA Cosmic Origins theme includes the Spitzer Observatory. The Spitzer Fellowship Program was incorporated in the Cosmic Origins Hubble Program two years ago, so 2011 is the final year of tenure for the remaining Spitzer Fellows. To mark this occasion, and to commemorate the success of the Spitzer Fellows Program, the 2011 Hubble Fellows Symposium included the current Spitzer Fellows, and was held in Pasadena under the joint auspices of the Spitzer Science Center and the Space Telescope Science Institute.