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Calibrating Hubble Space Telescope: Post-Servicing Mission, May 1995

A workshop on calibrating Hubble Space Telescope Data after the servicing mission was held at the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore from May 15th to May 17th 1995. Read the email announcement, which includes the rationale and the workshop schedule.

Papers and posters relating to the other instruments will be added to this site as time permits. Currently, only FOS materials are available.

Paper copies of the Proceedings are no longer available.


Organizing Committee:

Anuradha Koratkar (Chair)
Chris Blades (New Instruments)
Tony Keyes (FOS)
Mario Lattanzi (FGS)
Claus Leitherer (GHRS)
John MacKenty (WFPC2)
Antonella Nota (FOC)
Micheal Rosa (ST-ECF)
Brad Whitmore (Analysis)