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The 2010 STScI Calibration Workshop

The 2010 Calibration Workshop was held at the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore, MD on 21-23 July 2010. The workshop intended to foster sharing of information and techniques amongst observers, archive miners, instrument support teams, and instrument developers. The workshop had oral and poster sessions, and allowed time for discussion in splinter sessions.

Invited and Contributed Speakers

Science Organizing Committee

Cristina Oliveira and Susana Deustua (co-chairs)

  • Rachel Anderson
  • Ralph Bohlin
  • Azalee Bostroem
  • Marco Chiaberge
  • Colin Cox
  • Rosa Diaz
  • Parviz Ghavamian
  • Karl Gordon
  • Tony Keyes
  • Knox Long
  • Aparna Maybhate
  • Sami Niemi
  • Massimo Robberto
  • Elena Sabbi
  • Michael A. Wolfe