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October 26-28, 2005

Image credit: NASA, ESA and A. Nota (STScI/ESA)
NGC 346 HST/ACS (F555W,F814W)

Charge transfer inefficiency, time-dependent sensitivity, fringing effects, point-spread functions, line-spread functions, scattered light, echelle blaze function shifts, charge trapping, hot pixels, cosmic ray persistence... whether we like it or not, the correctness of interpretation of data from the Hubble Space Telescope (and other observing facilities!) hinges on understanding these complex effects and calibrating them out. In addition, conducting projects at the forefronts of science often means pushing the instruments to their limits, where all kinds of calibration "gotchas" may become relevant.

So... come present and witness recent advances in the understanding of data from the HST instruments ACS, NICMOS, STIS, WFPC2, and FGS during the fifth HST Calibration Workshop, to be held at the Space Telescope Science Institute. Other topics to be covered include:

p>The workshop is mainly intended to foster sharing of information and techniques between observers, instrument support teams, and instrument developers. There will be sessions of talks, posters, and time for demonstrations and splinter groups on various topics. Proceedings of the meeting are planned to be published in early 2006.

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Abstract submission deadline: August 12, 2005.

Online registration deadline: September 23, 2005.