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Charge-transfer efficiency, pedestal effects, point-spread functions, instrumental throughputs, scattered light, line-spread functions, cosmic-rays... whether we like it or not, the astronomical knowledge that will appear in tomorrow's textbooks hinges on understanding our sometimes imperfect sensory apparati. In addition, pushing the forefronts of science often means pushing the instruments to their limits, where all kinds of calibration "gotchas" may be hiding.

So, come help set the course of astronomical history at the fourth HST Calibration Workshop. The workshop will feature reports from the commissioning of ACS and the re-commissioning of the NICMOS. New calibrations and advances in the understanding of STIS, WFPC2, FOS, GHRS, FOC, and the FGS will also be presented, as will previews of calibration plans for COS and WFC3 which are scheduled to be launched in two years. The workshop is intended to foster sharing of information and techniques between observers, instrument developers, and instrument support teams. There will be sessions of talks, posters, and time for demos or splinter groups on various topics.

The meeting will be held at the Space Telescope Science Insitute, and will immediately follow the Astronomical Data Analysis Software & Systems conference being held in downtown Baltimore earlier the same week. The proceedings of the meeting will be published.