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Two-day Workshop held November 15–16, 2010 at STScI

Slitless spectroscopy with HST has come to the forefront in recent years with a growing fraction of telescope time being allocated to this mode, especially in the most recent Cycle 18. The WFC3 IR grisms have been receiving much of the attention but ACS and STIS also have slitless modes, and an extensive set of NICMOS grism observations are also available in the archives. In addition, the aXe software developed at ST-ECF (Space Telescope European Coordinating Facility) now makes it much easier to reduce slitless spectroscopy. For example, this software has been used to extract spectra for 32,149 different objects based on ACS G800L data and 1,923 targets for NICMOS G141 observations. The extractions are available via the Hubble Legacy Archive. See for details.

STScI, in collaboration with the ST-ECF and ESA, held a two day workshop on November 15 - 16, 2010 to support reduction and analysis of slitless spectroscopy. Both experts and beginners were invited. The workshop worked through specific data sets from start to finish using the aXe software, and also provided opportunities for people to present and discuss details of their own analysis.

Participants were able to download the software, cookbook, and relevant datasets before arriving at the workshop.


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