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Townhall Meeting
March 27 2009, 1:00-5:30 pm
Schafler Auditorium, Bloomberg Center for Physics and Astronomy
Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore MD.

To assist the National Research Council's Decadal Survey Committee in gathering input and ideas from all segments of the astronomical community, The Space Telescope Science Institute and the Johns Hopkins University hosted a Decadal Survey Town Hall meeting. The meeting was open to the public, and astronomers were encouraged to bring their ideas and opinions.

The Astro2010 Committee has emphasized the importance of diverse, comprehensive input from the astronomical community. Town Hall meetings are one of the recommended formats to provide input, especially on broad research topics that may not be ideally suited to white papers or other forms of input. Representatives from the Decadal Survey attended; the Organizing Committee summarized the inputs received during the meeting for the full Survey Committee.

The format of the meeting was designed to allow a broad range of inputs and an interactive discussion. Because of the relatively short time available for such a large community, the majority of the meeting was in the form of an open discussion on each of the three major areas into which the Decadal Committee has organized its survey: Science Frontiers, Infrastructure and state of the profession, and Program priorities. There was some time as well for short, individual "open mike" statements as an additional opportunity for those whose research interests would not be suitably covered otherwise.

Here's the link to the Summary Report for this meeting: STScI & JHU Report.

Astro2010 Survey, Panel, and Study Group Participants

Carol Christian
Julianne Dalcanton
Debra Elmegreen
Tim Heckman
Richard Kelley
Richard Mushotzky
Antonella Nota
Neill Reid
Chris Reynolds
Eun-Suk Seo
Mike Shull
David Spergel
Jason Tumlinson

Organizing Committee

Henry Ferguson (STScI)
Daniel Apai (STScI)
Stefano Casertano (STScI)
Suvi Gezari (JHU)
Eric Grove (NRL)
Anton Koekemoer (STScI)
Erick McKenzie (UMD)
Warren Moos (JHU)
William Oegerle (NASA/GSFC)
Andrew Ptak (JHU)
Ken Sembach (STScI)
Kent Wood (NRL)