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Preparing for ALMA in Light of HST and JWST:ALMA Community Day Event at STScI

ALMA Community Day Event at STScI

Monday, April 18, 2011

The Atacama Large Millimeter Array(ALMA) project is the next large ground-based telescope to come online. It will provide forefront capabilities in the mm and sub-mm wavebands. By the end of 2011, when early science with ALMA commences with 16 antennae, ALMA will be the most sensitive mm and sub-mm telescope. The full-up ALMA project will have more than 50 antennae, greatly increasing the capabilities in these wavelength regions. The science topics at which ALMA will excel have much in common with questions being pursued now by HST and in the future, JWST. The purpose of the event was to enable people to learn about ALMA and prepare for the early science phase of the project. The event featured NRAO personnel leading updates on ALMA's capabilities as well as walk-through demonstrations of proposing and observing tools, discussion of mm/sub-mm observing techniques, and discussions focussed on maximizing the scientific return of ALMA, HST, and JWST.

STScI hosted a Community Day event on April 18, 2011.