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iCal Calendar Subscriptions

Institute calendars are maintained using Google Calendar, and are available on various Institute web pages for viewing. Often, more than one calendar is displayed, with events from each calendar in a different color.

Because these calendars are public, you can subscribe to them using Google Calendar or other calendar clients that use iCal format, such as Apple's iCal application. You can also subscribe to them through an RSS feed using your favorite RSS reader.

Add To Your Google Calendar

Click on the link at the bottom right of the displayed calendar. If you have a Google account already, and are logged in, you will be given the option to add any or all of the displayed calendars to your list.

Subscribe via RSS or iCal

Click on the orange RSS logo to subscribe to a calendar if your browser is configured as an RSS reader. Otherwise, copy the link location and add it to your list of subscriptions in your favorite RSS reader.

If you use iCal on the Mac, you can click on the calendar icon below to automatically subscribe to a calendar. Alternately, just copy the link location and add it to your iCal-compatible calendar of choice.

STScI Calendar / Curator

JHU Calendar

Journal Club Calendars

  • All ST Journal Clubs
  • Active Galaxies Group
  • Astrobiology Lunch
  • Compact Objects Details
  • Galaxy Formation Group
  • Local Group Lunch
  • Science Coffee
  • Stars and Planet Formation Group

To suggest additions to one of these calendars, talk to the curator. If there is no curator listed, or you think you should be adding events to a calendar yourself, or you think another calendar should be added to this list, contact IT Service Desk.