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These pages contain instrument-specific information about the Wide-Field Planetary Camera 2 (WFPC2), and are maintained by the ACS/WFPC2 Group in the Instruments Division at the Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI). The WFPC2 is used to obtain high resolution images of astronomical objects over a relatively wide field of view and a broad range of wavelengths (1150 to 11,000 Å).

WFPC2 Advisories - Updated 12/15/2010

IMPORTANT! 5/10/2009 - There is a problem with the PHOTFLAM keyword in WFPC2 output data created with Multidrizzle 3.3.6 and earlier versions. Please visit the PHOTFLAM Advisory Page for more details.

IMPORTANT: 11/15/2010 - Post-mission scans of the filters, along with the inspection report, are available at:

NEW 12/14/2010 - WFPC2 ISR 2010-05: "WFPC2 Filters After 16 Years on Orbit" has been released.

NEW 12/1/2010 - WFPC2 ISR 2010-04: "The Dependence of WFPC2 Charge Transfer Efficiency on Background Illumination" has been released.

NEW 11/24/2010 - STAN-ACS+WFPC2: November 24, 2010 has been released.

IMPORTANT! 8/12/2009 - Please visit the WFPC2 Reprocessing Page for information regarding the file formats of WFPC2 data retrieved from the HST archive. The default format for WFPC2 data has changed.

NEW 8/13/2010 - WFPC2 ISR 2010-03: "WFPC2 CTE for Extended Sources: I. Photometric Correction" has been released.

NEW 6/29/2010 - WFPC2 ISR 2010-02: "Improved WF4 Anomaly Corrections" has been released.

NEW 6/24/2010 - WFPC2 ISR 2010-01: "WFPC2 Standard Star CTE" has been released.

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