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AAS Treasury Workshop

9.00 Science opportunities with HST; the Treasury program Steve Beckwith

Cycle 11 Treasury Programs
9.30 The ACS contribution to GOODS: Mauro Giavalisco
10.00 Ages from Near-UV spectra of globular clusters: Ruth Peterson
10.30 BREAK

Cycle 12 Treasury and Large Programs
11.00 The Hubble Ultra Deep Field Steve Beckwith
11.30 Deep Near-IR images in the HUDF Rodger Thompson
12.00 Extragalactic GRISM-ACS survey: Sangeeta Malhotra
12.30 LUNCH
14.00 The COSMOS 2-Degree ACS survey: Nick Scoville
14.30 Gravitational lenses: Chuck Keeton
15.00 Galactic bulge planetary transits: Kailash Sahu

Current HST capabilities
15.30 Overview of the HST capabilities David Soderblom
16.00 Q & A