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Resources for HST Phase II Proposal Development

Cycle 26 Phase II Submission Deadline: December 5, 2018

This page has all the documentation and tools necessary to develop, submit, and monitor your HST Phase II proposal.

Policies, Guidelines and Grant Information

Additional Documentation for Phase II Proposal Preparation

  • Instrument Home Pages
    This page has links to the current instrument home pages (ACS, COS, FGS, STIS, and WFC3). They have up-to-date information on instrument status, and provide links to Handbooks and Instrument Science Reports (ISRs).
  • Fixed Target Coordinate Measurement
    This link provides access to instructions and the tools for retrieving your target coordinates from the HST Guide Star Catalog.
  • HST User Documents
    This page provides a linked list to HST documents, such as the Instrument Handbooks and User Information Reports.

Writing and Evaluating Your Phase II Proposal

Status of Programs, Change Requests, and Hubble Observation Problem Reports (HOPRs)

STScI Program Coordinator Team

This is an address and phone list for the PCs. For help at any point during proposal preparation, please contact your PC.