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Reporting Problems

Hubble Observation Problem Reporting

Hubble Observation Problem Reports (HOPRs) provide a mechanism for you to inform STScI when a problem has occurred with the implementation, scheduling, execution, or data processing of your observations. It is also the means by which the Principal Investigator (PI) makes the request for failed observations to be repeated.

To allow us to address the problems noted in HOPRs in a timely manner, the HOPR submission deadline for requesting repeat observations is 3 months from the time of data distribution.

If one or more of your HST observations appears to have a problem, go to the Program Information Page and retrieve the program information. On the page that has the information, go to the link "Report an observing problem", fill out it out the best you can and then submit it. The form will be electronically mailed to the HOPR analyst, Contact Scientist, Program Coordinator, submitter, and the PI.

STScI will investigate the problem before a decision is made. The PI will get a response within a month, including an explanation. Note that failed observations will not be considered for rescheduling unless an explicit request is made by the PI. It should be noted that a repeat of observations automatically causes old data to be released to the public archive.

For policies on repeating HST observations, please see Policies for the Telescope Time Review Board (TTRB).

If you have additional information that you would like to include with your HOPR, please e-mail your Program Coordinator or