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Post-Observation Overview
HST Data Analysis

In support of HST data calibration, reduction and analysis a number of supporting documents, software tools and auxiliary information bases are maintained at STScI and elsewhere.

Instrument Handbooks General information about HST instruments. Instrument information can also be found on the ACS, STIS, NICMOS, WFPC2, FGS, and other instrument web pages.
HST Data Handbook In depth discussion related to the display, calibration, reduction, and recommended user analysis procedures for each of the archival and currently active HST instruments.
Calibration Workshops Several months after installation of new instruments STScI hosts calibration workshops and publishes the proceedings which contain a wide range of papers of interest to data reduction and analysis. Proceedings are available from 1993, 1995, 1997 (STIS), 2002 and 2005.
Pointing and Jitter Auxiliary support information on HST pointing, jitter and focus.
ST-ECF The Space Telescope European Coordinating Facility also provides software related to aspects of calibration and analysis.