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Reporting Problems Hubble Observation Problem Reports (HOPRs) provide a mechanism for you to inform the STScI when a problem has occurred with the implementation, scheduling, execution, or data processing of your observations. It is also the means by which the Principal Investigator (PI) makes the request for failed observations to be repeated.
Retrieving Data - MAST MAST is the primary archive and distribution center for HST data, distributing science, calibration, and engineering data to HST users and the astronomical community at large.
Hubble Legacy Archive The Hubble Legacy Archive (HLA) provides enhanced Hubble products and advanced browsing capabilities.
Data Analysis In support of HST data calibration, reduction and analysis a number of supporting documents, software tools and auxiliary information bases are maintained at STScI and elsewhere.
Publishing Guidelines and requirements for acknowledging use of HST Data in a scientific journal.